Cichlid - Oscar

These species were originally discovered by Louis Agassiz as Lobotes ocellatus in 1831. It was a mistake as the species was marine and later on more work was done and finally the genus Astronotus name was assigned to the species. The Oscar is a South American cichlid also known as the Velvet Cichlid, Peacock Cichlid, or Walnut Cichlid. unfortunately, the common name "Peacock Cichlid" can be confusing since the term "Peacock" is also often used in the names of many Aulonocara species from Lake Malawi in the Rift Valley in Eastern Africa, and several species of the Cichla genus from South America are also called "Peacock Cichlids." In the early 1800's the Oscar was given the Latin name Lobotes ocellatus, but this has been updated to Astronotus ocellatus, a hopefully more accurate name.